Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers belongs to the multiplayer io game genre. Play as an egg, fully equipped with equipment before entering the match. Choose the game mode and destroy the other eggs with bullets and bombs.

How to play Shell Shockers

Before entering the match, you will fully equip yourself with weapons and equipment to serve the upcoming battle. Customize the egg to your liking in Scrambler. At the same time, choose one of the four game modes and start the game.

Customization in Scrambler

Select the weapons before playing. The weapons in the left hand are free, you can choose which weapon you like the most. Also, choose a weapon in the Shop for the left hand. You can also customize the skin color of the egg as well as the accessories attached to it.

Be wary of opponents around

Starting the game, you will enter a battle, move around to get weapons for yourself. Be always on guard, alert everywhere because the opponents are hiding and waiting for the right time to destroy you. Join a team that can be blue or red and fight to destroy the opponent until the opponent's piece is empty. Play many matches to gain experience for yourself.

The Modes In Shell Shockers

Teams: select the red or blue team to be a member of that team. When you choose one of the two teams, you are tasked with destroying all members of the opposing team until the opposing team has no other members.

Free For All: enter the battle of the eggs. No matter which team, think only of you, Destroy other eggs to increase your score. The fight only ends when you are shot down or you are the only egg left in the fight.

Captula The Spatula: two teams will have someone holding a spoon. Destroy the opposing team so that they no longer hold the spoon. The person holding the spoon plays an important role because destroy this character, the whole team will lose. Therefore, it is necessary to defend and attack reasonably for your team to survive the longest.

King Of The Coop: two teams will compete against each other, the first team to get 250 eggs is the winner.