Silly Ways To Die

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Silly Ways To Die is a challenging game to rescue the silly in awkward situations. You only have three lives, rescue as many silly as you can to reunite them.

Obstacles that Silly faced

Each Silly will encounter a different obstacle and you need to keep them safe without dying. The challenges will never stop until you use up your three lives. In a short time, you have to react quickly to let the silly die because otherwise you will also lose a life. There are many challenges like hiding from bears, avoiding being bitten by scorpions, ect.

Obstacle of time

Your time on a challenge is only 5 seconds and it will show your remaining time on the same screen. With a short time will make you distracted and confused can not think of anything. Stay calm and don't let time distract you.

The number of lives you have

You only have up to three lives to rescue the silly. Rescue as many silly as you can because the challenge will never stop. Take advantage of your quick reflexes as well as quick hands to escape from obstacles.

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