Skate Hooligans

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Skate Hooligans rescues a street boy who escaped from an aggressive old guard. Move on the road and avoid obstacles and collect coins on the way. Be careful not to get caught by him.

Escape from aggressive guards

A young street artist intentionally smashed to death a pigeon sitting on the door of a house. However, unfortunately he broke the glass door and it was unlucky for him to be caught by the grumpy old guard. He was going to take the boy to the police station, do you want that? Surely not, running is the best way to escape from the old guard.

The old guard will follow you, so move carefully. Obstacles are always before you. Jump up when you see a platform, slide down when you see a sign. Climb on the trains to get higher. Don't forget to collect the coins on the way. Collecting a lot will create income for you. Be careful with the trains moving forward, avoid them or you will be thrown very far.

Benefits of coin collecting

Collecting as many coins will be helpful in upgrading some skills and some help to help you escape from the old guard. In addition, you can also unlock new characters or buy new skateboards. Especially focus on skills that help you easily escape the old guard many times. Useful items for you like boots that fly into the air, magnets that attract money, etc. These things help you stay away from the old guard or reduce the time you have to collect coins from afar.