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Multiplayer competition in Slither.io

Slither.io is a popular online multiplayer game inspired by the classic game Snake. You control a snake and aim to become the longest and largest snake.

At the beginning of the game you are a small snake, needing additional food to become bigger. And the food your snake needs to eat are the glowing balls scattered throughout the match to increase its length. These glowing orbs resemble twinkling stars in the night sky, matching the dark landscape of the match. These spheres help you radiate a halo of light and stand out on the field.

Growing and avoiding collisions

When you consume orbs, your snake will grow longer. You must navigate your character to avoid collisions with other snakes. If your snake's head collides with another snake's body or with the game border, you will be eliminated and turned into a ball for other snakes to eat. Wherever there are many orbs, go there and quickly eat them all before your opponents see them too. At the same time, avoid meeting larger snakes.

Eliminating other snakes

To eliminate other snakes and gain an advantage, you can strategically position your snake to make other snakes collide with your body. When a snake is eliminated, it turns into orbs that you can collect. You are only allowed to eat opponents smaller than you and turn them into food. Be careful with opponents bigger than you if you don't want to become their food.

Accelerate when necessary

This game allows you to boost your snake's speed, but doing so consumes some of your snake's length in the process. Boosting can be useful for quickly overtaking other snakes or escaping dangerous situations. Remember, only use it when absolutely necessary.