Spot The Difference

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Spot The Difference puts you to the test of your ability to observe and focus. You will have seven different spots to look for. Find them as soon as possible to collect 3 stars.

Find the differences

Find seven differences in two nearly identical pictures. They seem to be the same, but in some details they differ. Use your keen eye to find those other details. Also, pay attention to the timing as you don't have much time for this.

Notice the time

In the process of finding the differences, pay attention to the time remaining to complete the task. You complete the mission early, you will get three stars. The more time you spend in searching, the fewer stars you will get. If the time runs out and you still haven't found seven differences, you can play the stage again.

Your live

You will have 3 lives in one play. However, do not abuse them. And only when time is running out, and you want to unlock another stage, you can use them.

Keep calm while playing

Time will distract you from figuring out the differences. That's why it takes you more time to find and can't collect three stars. Stay calm and just focus on the photo is the fastest way to find them and collect three stars.