Square Stacker

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How to play Square Stacker

Square Stacker is a fun game about stacking and combining colors to create combos. There are three squares of small, medium, and large sizes. There are two ways to create combos to remove squares.

Starting the game, you will be shown how to create combos that eliminate circles. After receiving the information, you will go to a playing field where there are 9 dots. The dots are square shaped and you can accommodate three square sizes from small, medium, large. You can overlap circles of different colors together. And your task is to put the squares on the right side of the screen into the dots next to them. Three random squares will be played in 1 turn. Insert the squares into the dots then get the next three squares. You must remove the squares so that they have room to accommodate new squares. The squares come in three different sizes that can contain a variety of colors. Use strategy to create multiple combos to eliminate squares.

The more combos you create and the more squares you remove will help you increase your score. The squares on the right will not simply give squares of each individual size. As you go further, you will encounter more situations where two squares of different sizes overlap or three squares overlap. However, this is not the main point, try to remove many squares to make room for new squares.

Types of combo creation

You have two ways to create combos. The first method is to create combos according to dimensions. Three squares with sizes small, medium, and large are stacked on top of each other and must be the same color.

The second method is to create combos according to each size. Three identical sizes are placed in three places in a horizontal or vertical row. Create combos from three small squares, three medium squares and three large squares as long as they are the same color and arranged horizontally or vertically. Three squares placed diagonally will not be counted.