Stack Animal

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Stack Animal will stack the animals according to the highest height to complete the task. Stack the animals firmly so that no animals fall out of the caravan. Use the earned coins to unlock mysterious characters. You also need to control animals to perform missions. Besides, if you want to play other interesting games you can try Mr Mine.

The game has no end

Stack the animals on top of each other to reach the target height. You can change the standing position of the animals to reach the goal with the least number of animals. Select the highest height of the animals so that they stack together but do not let one of them fall off the playing field, or you will be forced to stop. In addition, you can change the position of the two animals before sending them to the field.

After you complete the first objective, the previously stacked animals will be the original and are connected to each other. The targets follow each other and it only stops when one of your animals leaves the team and falls out of the field. The number of points received corresponds to the number of achieved goals.

Open the mysterious gift box

Let the top of the screen be the task completion scale to open the mysterious gift box. Successfully accomplish many of the game's objectives. Optimal use of the given animals will quickly open the gift.

Unlock characters

The amount to unlock a character is 100$. Choose randomly among those characters and continue your journey.

Tips for the most effective stacking

You think that just putting the characters in the highest position can easily complete the task of height. But you are wrong because the distance between the animals has no connection, so they are easy to fall if they are not stable at the bottom. Therefore, you need to build a solid base, the stacking of animals becomes easier and more stable.