Super Frog

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Collect all the fruits on the way

Super Frog is a captivating retro adventure game that takes players on a thrilling journey through pixel landscapes. In this game, you assume the role of a courageous little frog, ready to explore a rocky road filled with dangers and challenges.

As the Super Frog, your primary objective is to collect as many fruits as possible while avoiding encounters with other animals that could potentially harm you. Each game begins with three hearts, representing your health. If an enemy touches you, you lose a heart. However, you can eliminate enemies by either avoiding them or jumping and landing on them, which also adds to your score.

Levels to pass in Super Frog

Super Frog consists of eight levels, each with a time limit. If you happen to lose a life, you can restart the game at the level you played, retaining your accumulated power. The ultimate goal in each level is to collect fruit and reach the cup located at the end. Additionally, collecting fruit grants you additional heart containers, with every 30 fruits collected resulting in an extra heart container. If you already possess three heart containers, any additional fruit you collect will be converted into heart containers, serving as a buffer against enemy attacks.

Super Frog offers a challenging and immersive gaming experience, blending classic scene with exciting gameplay mechanics. So, leap into action, and guide Super Frog through perilous landscapes to achieve victory in this pixelated world.