Sushi Roll

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Roll the sushi

Sushi Roll is a drift game with sushi version. Help the sushi roll on the table without falling off the table and help it collect gold coins during the rolling process.

If you love Japanese style, you cannot ignore this game. The task of this game is to move the sushi piece so that it does not fall off the table. The sushi piece can only automatically move forward but cannot change direction, so it is inevitable to roll off the table. Help it roll on the table and collect gold coins.

Additional details

The game has no end

Your task is to let the sushi move on the table without falling out. Create a drift path for your sushi to move on the bumpy road. The game has no end and you need to take steps to keep the sushi from falling off the table. Experience through many tables with different colors.

Collect the gold coins

In the process of moving the sushi, you need to collect the gold coins that appear on the table. At the top of the screen is the amount that you have accumulated during the move. Reaching a certain number, you will be redirected to another context to create the appeal of the game. Don't worry if you have to retry the game more than once, the amount that you have earned from the previous play will stay and accumulate until you complete the required number of points at the top of the screen.