Tangram Puzzle 2.0

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Introducing the game Tangram Puzzle 2.0

Tangram Puzzle 2.0 is a game of connecting squares with four corners of different colors. Match the color of one square with another. Complete the challenge quickly to secure three stars.

A square with two diagonals creates four different triangles of each color. There are four main colors in the triangles: red, blue, green and yellow. The triangles in the square are randomly arranged in colors, which can contain four colors in a square or two or three colors. Your task is to connect this color of this square with the same color but of the other square. For example, if the first square is yellow, choose squares that are also yellow and must be in contact with each other. Similar to the remaining colors. However, you need to put the outside squares in the place marked in black, which is where the squares are placed. Just enough criteria to place it in the required position and ensure the colors are adjacent to each other is to complete the challenge. Collect all the stars to unlock more difficult levels. In each level there are smaller challenges. And by completing a challenge you can receive up to three diamonds.

The challenges will become increasingly more difficult as more squares appear and the empty space becomes larger. It can be difficult when only a few small hints appear in the frame. Take advantage of your observation ability to combine the colors of each square together.

Collect stars in this game

To own all three diamonds, you need to pay attention to the hourglass's time decreasing. The challenge will have two hourglass appearances corresponding to two star misses. If you don't want to lose any stars, complete the challenge before the hourglass time ends. If the second hourglass appears, you may miss your chance to get two stars.

Levels will gradually increase according to their color, difficulty from blue, green and red. Levels will summarize the number of stars you earn after each challenge. Doing the challenge quickly will help you secure three stars.