Tap Among Us

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Tap Among Us finds the impostor among the astronauts in the spaceship. You have a few seconds to view the impostors' location and then find them in the spaceship.

Famous game Among Us

Among Us is known as an app download game available on Android and IOS. Their popularity reached its peak when a series of information about them was spread on social networks. They immediately attracted a large number of curious players. One of the things that makes this game different from many other games is the image of tiny, adorable designed astronauts. They come in a variety of colors with accessories that can be added. The purpose of this game is to synthesize the astronauts together and find out who is impersonating them and carrying out evil intentions. The multiplayer community will guess who the impostor is. Guess correctly or more people will be killed. In the end, the good side and the bad side will compete to see who wins.

Find the impostor in Tap Among Us

This game is designed very simply. In front of you are the astronauts in Among Us listed. Some imposters are impersonating them and you have to find those impostors. The clue to finding them is the few seconds in which the impostors' true forms appear. You need to correctly choose where the impostors stand and how many impostors there are.

Quickly find the fakers as quickly as possible before time is limited. The more times you guess correctly in a row, the more difficult the challenge becomes as the number of astronauts increases and the impostors also increase and stand in many different positions. What you need is concentration and remembering the location of the impostors.

Several options for you after 5 rounds to choose the correct impostor. There are five choices for the next games. After five games, the selection will appear again. Experience all options to find astronaut impersonators.