Toilet Rush: Draw To Pee

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Toilet Rush: Draw To Pee challenges you to solve the puzzle of how to help boy and girl who are having trouble getting to the toilet quickly get to the toilet. Draw a path for both of you to follow and neither side touches the other.

Help boy and girl both go to the bathroom

The game includes two characters, boy and girl. I don't know what happened to them, but they both had stomach pains and wanted to go to the toilet. However, it is difficult when the toilet seat is not fixed and you need to show them the way to that spot. Give them directions so they can get to the toilet without anyone having to bump into each other because otherwise they will defecate on the spot, which would be embarrassing.

Help the two characters get to the toilet

Boy and girl both of them really want to go to the toilet but they don't know where the toilet is. Help them find that place quickly or they won't be able to stand it. Unfortunately for them, the path to the toilet is quite difficult as for each challenge the toilet is placed in many different positions. Your difficulty is to show them the way so that both of you don't touch each other because you won't know what will happen.

Select new skins

In addition to helping both boy and girl reach the toilet, you can also change other characters along with other toilets to increase the uniqueness of the game. It also helps you create more fun during play. They are completely random and chosen if you like.

How to show boy and girl directions to the toilet

Show them the way to the bathroom by drawing a line from the character to the toilet. Toilets must be appropriate for each gender. You can only go to any restroom if there is a sign that says both sexes can use it.