Tom And Jerry Chasing Jerry

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Tom And Jerry Chasing Jerry is a fun game to see who gets the first place to catch Jerry. Tom and another cat will compete against each other. Are you the lucky one? If yes, definitely this game is right for you.

The appearance of a strange character

Tom and Jerry are sworn enemies with each other. However, in this version of the game, there is a strange cat who comes to Tom's house and also wants to catch Jerry. To decide who can catch Jerry, Tom and the other cat have to compete with each other for first place to catch Jerry.

How to catch Jerry

This is no ordinary way of catching Jerry. To be able to catch Jerry, you need to jump over the tiles, starting from the starting point to the end point. The first to finish is the winner who catches Jerry. You will compete with another cat who also has the same hobby of catching mice as you, you will compete with it to decide who can catch Jerry first.

Places to note

The red box marked with double quotes is the box containing the obstacles that attack you, causing you to take a step back

The blue box with an exclamation mark is a box containing an obstacle that prevents you from standing still. If you want to step out of that box, you can only try to resist, if successful exit, you can go two more steps.

There are two color difference boxes at the beginning and the end representing the starting point and the finishing point. Try to be the first to finish.

Player modes

This game can be played by up to 2 players. You can choose to play against the AI or invite your friends to play with you. What's great about playing this fun game with your friends, but playing it alone is equally fun.

Level select

There are four slots where you can play and test each of the challenges of those slots. Hallway, Dining room, Kitchen, Living room are locations that you can experience.