Trap The Cat

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Trap The Cat takes you into the maze of mind games. Your task is not to let the black cat escape. Lock the boxes on the screen and don't let the cat run out.

Way to play Trap The Cat

The game has a fairly simple gameplay. The hexagons are lined up close together which are dark hexagon and light hexagon, and there is a black cat standing on a light hexagon. The light hexagons are the unmarked cells and the dark colored ones are checked. Some bold hexagons are pre-marked, make use of them in a circle, lure the cat into that circle. When you mark a light hexagon, the cat will automatically advance one square. Quickly block the cat with the circle before it jumps out of the frame.

The cat is very smart, it will always find a way out of the bold hexagonal umbrellas. Therefore, you need to be one step or more ahead so that the cat has no choice but to go into your trap.

Tips to win

Try to create a circle so that the cat has no choice but to get inside your circle. Or seal all the way around the frame. Move the cat inside your circle until it has no pale hexagons to go.

Features of the game

  • Free game, no need to download or install
  • Can be played on computer or phone
  • Simple graphics but attractive gameplay
  • Increase concentration

How to always win

The playing method will always be refreshed because the positions of the bold hexagons are always renewed. This makes it possible for you to try many ways with different types of traps, different strategies.