Trollface Quest Internet Memes

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Trollface Quest Internet Memes quizzes you on how you can troll others people with the internet version of the meme. Don't find the usual solution, you need to find a more silly solution.

Troll someone else

With each situation comes a different challenge. The principle of normal play is to choose the usual puzzle solution that ordinary people can do, but this is how others troll you. If you don't want to be trolled, solve puzzles in the most silly way. This is the way to troll others and help you through the next level.

There is no help here that can help you, you can only find the answer yourself. Find all the ways and try again and again to find the answer. You don't need to worry too much because the challenge has no time limit on solving the puzzle and you can also try again and again to find the answer.

Don't try to be smart or use logic, this makes it easy for others to troll you. It was humiliating and like a fool to be laughed at. Instead, replying in a silly way is a way to troll others and humiliate them.

Challenges in the game

These are silly situations and silly answers so it's hard to get through the challenge quickly. In this game there are a total of 10 different challenges for you to troll others. These challenges are not many, but the way to find the answer is somewhat time consuming. If you can answer quickly then congratulations you have an excellent silly head, otherwise just slowly enjoy this silly game.