Unblock Cube 3D

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Unblock Cube 3D is a mind game by swiping cubes and touching them to escape from the combination block. The cubes only move in the direction of the arrow.

Separate small blocks from large blocks

The cubes have one-way arrows attached and are connected together to form a larger block of unknown shape. Your task is to separate the cubes with arrows from the large block and until there are no more cubes left on the screen, you pass the level.

Move in the direction of the arrow

To separate the small cubes from the big one, you can only touch the cubes that fly out of the block. However, you don't have to touch any of the cubes. You need to pay attention to the position and direction of the arrow. You can touch any cube with arrows up/down, left/right so that no cube in front interferes.

Execution time

With each challenge comes a different time. With challenges without too many cubes, the time limit for performing the challenge will be short, but with challenges with many cubes, the time limit will be longer. Or complete the challenge before the time limit to clear the level or play again if the time limit runs out but you still haven't completed the challenge.

Challenge other intellectual games

This is a simple and light brain game. If you like such intellectual games, you can refer to Monopoly after this game. Summary of this game, become a billionaire and take over all areas of business. Choose to invest in all areas and lease back to competitors to enrich yourself.