Unikitty Save The Kingdom

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Unikitty Save The Kingdom helps Unikitty and its friends find people who are lost. In the process of finding villagers, collect the number of items that the game requires.

The story of the movie Unikitty

Doom Lords is a dark force, he wishes himself to become a king and everyone must obey him. However, the real king of the people is the cheerful, energetic, life-loving unicorn Unikitty. At first glance she seems irresponsible but when there is a problem, she is always ready to help. In this rescue, all the people in the kingdom are imprisoned and scattered by Doom Lords, find them and bring them back to your home.

Complete the quest in Unikitty Save The Kingdom

Rescue the people from Doom Lords

The villagers were standing somewhere in the labyrinth and they couldn't find a way to save themselves. They can only ask Unikitty to rescue them. But rest assured, Unikitty and her kind friends will leave no one behind.

The rescue of the people will be conducted in 20 small challenges. When you enter Unikitty's castle, this is also the most difficult and final challenge in the rescue of the people and the kingdom of Unikitty. Teaming up with everyone, Unikitty and her friends battle the Doom Lords and teach him a lesson.

Collect items

In every challenge there will be an amount of items that need to be collected. You have the responsibility of just going to collect all of them and rescue the people. Only when you complete the required number of quests will you be able to get out of the maze.