Wario Land 4

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Wario Land 4 takes you to experience the 2D platformer invented by Nintendo. Help Wario collect four treasures in four stages to unlock the top of the pyramid. And save Princess Shokora from the money-hungry Golden Diva.

The plot of Wario Land 4

On a day like any other, Wario accidentally read a newspaper about a pyramid discovered deep in the forest. Princess Shokora is the ruler of the pyramid but she was cursed by the Golden Diva. Wario was curious and went to the pyramid to explore. In the process of entering the pyramid, he saw the black, invisible cat chasing it leaving him trapped in the pyramid. In order to get out of this place, Wario must fight many bosses. After successfully fighting at four stages, he enters the deepest part of the pyramid which is the stronghold of the Golden Diva. Defeat the Golden Diva along with rescue the princess and get out of the pyramid with all the treasure he got.

The gameplay of Wario Land 4

Game modes

Before starting your journey, choose the mode at Easy, Medium, Hard that suits your ability. The levels differ in some characteristics such as the type and quantity of enemies, the location of the jewel pieces and the health the player, ect.

The passages in Wario Land 4

There are four passages which is Emerald Passage, Ruby Passage, Topaz Passage, and Sapphire Passage. In each path there are separate obstacles with ruling bosses. Defeat four bosses to collect all four pieces to enter the deepest part of the pyramid.

The obstacles

In the game, you will encounter some obstacles such as switches, eddy currents, brown blocks, blue blocks, jewel shards, ect. There will be a guide next to you to help you understand how to overcome obstacles.

Goods in the store

Use his medals in exchange for support items to help him defeat the boss. Usable items such as Apple Bomb, Blast Cannon, Vizorman, Bugle, Black Dog, Large Lips, Big Fist, Black Dragon and Smile. The items will guide you to use before making the exchange.

How to control

Move with arrow keys

Use the Z key for the A key

Use the X key for the B key

Use the A key for the L key

Use the S key for the R key