Water Pipe

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Water Pipe is a mind game, placing pieces of water pipes to form a series of pipes so that water flows down from the source. Quickly line up the pipes before the water approaches.

Arrange the plumbing pieces into a water pipe

How to arrange plumbing pieces

A mind game of arranging messy pipes into a straight line to help water flow from the left pipe to the right pipe. There are a lot of messy pipes, but don't use all the pieces shown on the screen. Choose the shortest pieces to get the water through.

When you have finished arranging the water pipes, you can press Speed Up to make the water move faster so you can go to the next level. Take on many different challenges, the higher the level, the more difficult situations you face with less time. It is important not to be fooled by their original arrangement.

Tip apply to this brain game

Notice the curved pieces of water pipes, rely on those pieces of water pipes to find the shortest water pipe. Follow the curved plumbing pieces to find the right path. Sometimes the game sets you up with some pipes that you think are the right path. However, don't be fooled, another path is the correct one.

Advantages of playing Water Pipe

The game has stages for you to show your intelligence. Exercise your mind in this game, you will see your observation and reflexes much faster. In addition, this is also a game that many people who like intellectual puzzles like very much. Try your hand at this brain game.