Wubbzy Amazing Adventure

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Wubbzy Amazing Adventure helps Wubbzy take on the challenge of repairing a robot chicken with defective eggs. Collect the scattered screws and be careful of the eggs that attack after grabbing the controller.

Educational animated television series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

The film is designed with eye-catching images and colorful colors that attract viewers, especially young audiences. The film follows Wubbzy, a yellow rat-like creature who engages in various antics with his friends. He constantly encounters different situations and has to pay the price for his foolish play with his friends. His friends Widget, Walden, and Daizy grew up together in the town of Wuzzleburg. This place has many beautiful memories of them and more specifically Wubbzy. During this challenge, Wubbzy and one of his friends were standing in front of a chicken farm. The special thing here is that the chickens on the farm are robot chickens and lay eggs automatically. But unfortunately, the chicken had problems due to missing screws. Go find the screws to fix that robot chicken.

Fix the robot chicken that lays faulty eggs

To repair the chicken that was damaged due to missing screws, Wubbzy had to collect all the screws that were scattered everywhere. You and Wubbzy must collect them all to be able to cure the chicken. Jump up to collect screws in the air or on the ground. And be careful of the eggs that try to attack you.

In addition to the screws, you need to collect controls to adjust the robot chicken, which also means that once you have collected the controls, eggs will come out of nowhere to attack you with the purpose of making you lose the pieces. screws that you earn. Try to stay away from them if you don't want to lose a single screw.