Yummy Hard

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Help the bunny collect the food

Yummy Hard collects the food with the white bunny. Overcome various challenges and collect all the food on the way. Train your reflexes to run as soon as you see obstacles.

The delicious food ahead make the rabbit's mouth water. To satisfy your hungry stomach, collect all the food that appear on the road. Collecting the food is not simple. You need to overcome many different obstacles to collect them.

Survive for up to five lives or complete the challenge or have to start over. Obstacles are chained together by level. Once you complete the challenge, your level will increase.

The obstacles need to be encountered

Once challenging to collect food are different obstacles. It can be removing the bricks on the field, the bunny is only allowed to go onto the platform, if the platform is lost it means the bunny also loses a life. Quickly move and stay away from the exploding bricks.

Or other obstacles with the appearance of balloon guns. The balloons will automatically spit out bullets that can hurt you. Or the spikes move flexibly, requiring you to quickly pass through them without being stabbed by them.

The challenges are constantly changing and you need to move flexibly to avoid obstacles crashing into you. Some obstacles will automatically attack you, the best way is to run as far away and turn in a direction different from the direction in which the obstacle attacks you.