Angry Purrs

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Angry Purrs is a new version of the traditional character - the angry birds in Angry Bird. Turn angry cats into basketballs and throw them into the basket.

New version in Angry Bird

If you are familiar with the classic game Angry Bird, you will not be able to ignore it. Here, its website has released a newer version but still ensures its traditional gameplay. Use the image of a cat instead of birds, the traditional characters of the game.

Step into the world of gaming where not only birds but also cats can become angry and evil. In the game Angry Purrs, you'll have the opportunity to control these angry cats. Unlike their avian counterparts, the cats don't face off against green pigs as enemies; instead, they engage in a basketball game. However, an unexpected obstacle arises - the cats have no shadows, which greatly infuriates them. In response, they devise a plan: they transform into balls themselves and leap into the basketball hoop.

Adjust the standard throwing force into the basket

You're invited to take part in this unconventional match, where your objective is to skillfully throw the cats into the basketball basket. Use the white arrow to determine the direction of your throw. In the lower left corner, you'll find a scale that allows you to adjust the throwing intensity in Angry Purrs.

This scale controls the strength of the cats' launches. Adjust it forcefully or gently to propel the cats into the basketball hoop. The court's position may vary randomly, but your task remains the same: adjust the position and shooting ability to successfully score.

You only have a maximum of three attempts, each associated with a star rating. Using multiple cats for a single challenge will gradually reduce the number of stars awarded. Strategize wisely to achieve the highest possible rating.

Use your intelligence to play this game effectively, a cat strategy game called Trap The Cat that you can refer to after this game.