Block 3D

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Block 3D is an intellectual game with 3D cubes placed together. Form a full floor of nine cubes to remove them from the platform. The more cubes you destroy, the more points you get.

Remove blocks

Cubes of various shapes descend from the top to a platform containing them. The blocks are stacked together so that there are no gaps, openings. These cubes will overlap to make a wall. And the way to get rid of them is to create a full floor of nine small cubes that will help reduce the height of the wall. Removing multiple floors at once gets you more points and reduces the height of the wall.

You can rotate the platform to choose where the cube is falling above. The cube above will move very slowly so you can find a suitable spot for it. In addition, the cube will help you to find the right position when it is blurred and grafted on the wall.

Notice the red border

When you overlap too many cubes and can't make them decrease in height, a red border will appear when your wall is too high. The game will stop and the journey of stacking the cubes and removing them will begin again. Without help, you can only strategize for yourself so that the cubes in the platform are removed.

If you feel that stacking cubes is too difficult for you without any help, you can refer to Delete Story Dop Brain Puzzle with an easier level of challenge.