Love Doge: Draw to Connect!

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Bring animal couples together in Love Doge: Draw to Connect!

Love Doge: Draw to Connect! is a new version of the game Save The Doge. Connect a loving couple together. The characters to connect with are images of famous dogs on social networks.

This is an exciting physics-based skill game that combines elements from popular underground ball-and-cup games and adorable Doge meme pet games. In this game, players embark on a mission to help various animals, including Shiba Inu dogs, cats, and even capybaras, escape from oubliettes and reunite with their loved ones.

How to play in Love Doge: Draw to Connect!

Each animal is represented by a rolling head, and you must use their deductive skills and understanding of gravity and physics to dig tunnels through soft soil. The goal is to connect the male character's head with the female character wearing a bow tie.

As you successfully reunite the animal couples, their eyes transform into hearts, and additional hearts burst onto the screen, symbolizing the power of love. However, the game presents numerous challenges to overcome, such as stationary platforms, wooden crates, and boulders that obstruct potential tunnel paths. Navigate the heads away from spikes, bombs, and various traps that can impede their progress.

Careful planning and drawing are crucial to ensure that the heads of different animals do not mix up. If the wrong animals are reunited, both heads express their sadness through profuse crying, and you must restart the level.

Love Doge: Draw to Connect provides an engaging and challenging gameplay experience that tests players' problem-solving abilities and offers a heartwarming theme of love and reunion.