Pacman Full Screen

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Become the biggest, strongest Pacman in Pacman Full Screen

Pacman Full Screen is a combination of the classic games Pacman and Snake. Join with many other opponents, become the biggest Pacman in the match.

A familiar game called Pacman

Pacman is the most iconic and recognizable classic arcade game of all time. The game features a yellow circular character named Pacman, who must navigate through a maze filled with dots and avoid being captured by four ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Pacman's goal is to eat all the dots while avoiding the ghosts. Complete the challenge when you eat all the dots and no ghosts eat you.

Snake game mechanics

Snake game is also an extremely popular and familiar game to players. The player will be one of the snakes in the battlefield, fighting with other snakes to become the biggest snake in this battlefield. Eat what is in the yard and eat people smaller than you to grow faster. Compete with each other to become the biggest snake in the battlefield. Try the Snake game with another version in Crazy Snake IO.

A combination of two classic games

Starting from the common point of these two classic games, the game Pacman Full Screen was born. You will be a small Pacman competing with many other opponents in the battlefield. Your opponents are also other Pacman and fight for the biggest Pacman in the battlefield. In addition, the appearance of ghosts is indispensable in the characteristics of the game Pacman.

How to play

Enter an arena filled with Pacman and ghosts. Eat dots to increase size. Once you get bigger at a certain range, switch to eating opponents to quickly get bigger as there are more opponents and less food sources. Avoid letting opponents and ghosts catch you. Maintaining it for the longest time will be the person with the highest score in the rankings.