Tap Supermarket

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Tap Supermarket will show you how a supermarket works. Just tap on empty food places for staff to bring out and tap at the cashier for faster checkout. If you like games like this, you can also experience the same when playing Heart Star. Try it now.

Places to tap

Tap on the empty places of goods

Supermarkets are open and customers come to buy products. Some shelves will be empty when the customer selects it. To serve the next customers, you need to refill the food on the counters when there is a green circle sign. Click on it to direct the warehouse worker to bring items from the warehouse to the shelf of your choice.

Tap at the cashier

Cashier counters can automatically charge customers at a slow speed. When there are too many customers and the slow speed makes customers angry, you should tap on the cashier to pay faster. This is a key place in the supermarket's money making, so it must always be well-ventilated and operated quickly.

Places that need to be renewed

Unlock new shelves

As you earn some cash from your customers, expand your business by expanding new store shelves. These shelves have unlocked shelves and match your income and unlock all store shelves.

Refresh the warehouse

A warehouse is a place to store items for sale on the shelves, however, the warehouse also needs to be refreshed when the items run out. Quickly refresh so that there is no delay in bringing items to the shelves and the store is always full.