Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 is an entertaining Endless runner game with publisher Imangi. Help our hero with the jewel in his hand escape from the monster guarding the mysterious cursed area in the deep forest.

The plot of Temple Run 2

In a certain world there is a civilization ahead of its time, here everything is ahead of its time and there is no world that can match their civilization. It is that modern, advanced civilization that has enabled a group of doctors to invent a mystery. It seemed that the secret helped them to a new level, but it completely failed to adapt and became an epidemic. Everything in this civilization fell and ended for that modern civilization. However, after several decades, a beam of light emitted from the temple of this modern civilized country glowed. The news broke nationwide and rare item hunters flocked here to see the politics.

Take the unlimited run challenge

Run out of the temple

A war of many hunters in the world were defeated and could not get out of the labyrinth of the temple. Only the best hunter had firmly grasped the jewel from the end of the labyrinth after so many trials. When the hunter got the gem, he then provoked the beast that protected this temple. He successfully passed through the labyrinths of the temple and now it is time to run as fast as possible into the forest so that the beasts do not catch him.

Challenges to avoid

Running away from monsters is already difficult, but the obstacles in front of you also make the escape more intense. You need to jump over holes, jump rope to the other end of the ramp, slide down walls, jump over fire, crouch when entering tunnels, ect.

Collect coins

During the run, you will encounter coins on the way, follow it to collect those coins. Trying to collect as many will be useful in upgrading some things like increasing power or money magnets, ect. You will also experience passive earning in Dogeminer.